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Raxia’s patient financial engagement platform provides individualized experiences designed to improve the financial journey and boost revenue cycle performance.

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Effective Apart. Game-Changing Together.

Engage. Discover. Collect. Deploy one Raxia product and improve analytics or communications or payments. Deploy the full Raxia Suite and transform your entire patient accounts receivable.


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Patient Billing Reminders
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Change the Conversation

93% of consumers rank paying medical bills as a low priority resulting in healthcare bills being the most consistently delinquent of all billing categories.

Raxia Engage, our AI powered messaging and billing reminder product, delivers the right message at the right time to nudge patients to pay their medical bills on-time — before they become delinquent.

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Measure What Matters

CFOs and revenue cycle executives struggle to merge data from multiple sources in order to understand the performance of individual aspects of the revenue cycle.

Raxia Discover automatically aggregates accounting data to generate the granular detail necessary to reveal underperforming areas of the revenue cycle.

Simple report creation, dashboards with real-time data, and the ability to easily drill into underlying revenue cycle factors equip you with everything you need to take corrective action.

Revenue Cycle Analytics
Digital Patient Statement
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Reimagine Patient Billing

88% of patients demand more straightforward healthcare bills. Medical bills often go unpaid because confusing paper statements don’t thoroughly explain patient charges. 

Raxia Collect interactive digital bills provide a better flow of information to help patients clearly understand their financial responsibility and prioritize paying their medical bills.


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