Raxia saves healthcare providers from the growing challenges associated with higher out-of-pocket patient costs.

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Omni-Channel Payments

Too few payment options, limited customer interfaces, and manual bill processing all slow down remittance and erode customer satisfaction.

Free your patients from these barriers: Let them pay their bills however they want whenever they want, 24 hours a day with a credit card, check, e-check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal- over web, mobile, text, or phone.

Accelerate payments and bolster revenue capture with a modern customer experience from Raxia.

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Patient Engagement

93% of consumers rank paying medical bills as a low priority resulting in healthcare bills being the most consistently delinquent of all billing categories.

Personalized billing notifications, informed by data-driven payer propensity analysis, motivate your patients to pay on time. This digital messaging, tuned to each patient’s profile, increases your revenue capture and reduces administrative and collection costs.

Digital Billing

Confusing paper medical bills that lack transparency and don’t connect services, dates, and costs make it difficult for patients to pay their bills.

With Raxia, your patients have convenient access to all of their bills online, with associated dates of service, and specific details about what they owe and why.

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Provider Interface

Understand what drives your patients to pay on-time with Raxia’s comprehensive messaging analytics. You can also reconcile accounts, improve workflows, and review current balances. The Raxia payment platform gives you unprecedented control of and visibility into your patient payment processes.