Imagine your patient billing and AR tasks all merged into one automated workflow.

Raxia AI makes it a reality.

For Medical Billing and RCM Companies

Managing the last mile of the revenue cycle — collecting on patient balances — is time-consuming, costly, and unrewarding for you, your provider clients, and the patients they serve.

Raxia AI transforms your high effort, low ROI patient accounts receivable process into an efficient, connected, and intelligent consumer payment experience.

Automate and consolidate

Raxia AI integrates with all your EHR/PM systems to merge every disparate patient billing, payment, and outreach task down to one automated workflow.

Data-driven engagement

Raxia AI analyzes millions of patient engagement data points to personalize digital outreach campaigns — outreach that captures people’s attention and increases payment rates.

What We Do For You

Save time and effort

Free your team from all the time-consuming low ROI tasks associated with patient billing and payment management so they can focus on more complex issues.

Ensure compliance

Follow the exact process and workflows that meet the standards of HIPAA, hitrust, CCPA, TCPA, and FDCP.

Unify processes

Automate patient AR processes across all billing systems for a patient experience that will satisfy your provider customers. Automate repetitive data entry between systems to satisfy your team.

Improve revenue

Raxia’s AI understands how best to connect with people at scale to provide a personalized billing experience that drives revenue and lowers costs.

Accomplish Your Goals

Prevent revenue loss


Decrease in patient AR

Reduce costs


Saving in material and effort

Elevate the patient experience


Average NPS score

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