Raxia unifies scattered health data to automate patient billing and payment workflows.

Status quo patient

billing is broken.

Fragmented legacy health IT systems (EHR/EMR/PMs) trap data and refuse to interoperate, sticking patients, providers, and medical billing companies with messy and inconsistent processes.  We use AI to integrate, automate, and engage with people at scale to solve these problems.

Our mission is to
Connect disparate health IT systems, data, and processes to create a consistent patient financial engagement experience that decreases effort and increases revenue for RCM and medical billing companies.
Raxia AI

Raxia AI transforms the high effort, low ROI patient accounts receivable process into an efficient, connected, and intelligent consumer payment experience.

We make paying medical bills easy for patients and collecting on patient AR simple and hassle-free.


Decades of experience

Our long history of database integration expertise and our experience connecting with hundreds of EMRs, PMs, EHRs, and RCM systems unlocks your data’s potential so you can spend more time growing your business.

The Raxia Team brings decades of experience in:

Artificial intelligence
Communication technology
Machine learning
Cyber security

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