About us

We help healthcare providers create meaningful patient journeys.

Raxia uses unique data and a proprietary Decision Engine to automate patient interactions and activate engagement at scale. By focusing on the patient’s digital journey we enable 1 to 1 personalized experiences through omnichannel communications and unified digital touch-points.

We streamline patient intake, provider-patient communications, and patient billing and payments to increase operational efficiency and enhance the financial performance of all healthcare providers. Our powerful, flexible, reliable software platform accommodates any workflow and augments any of your existing processes to smooth the healthcare journey for both patients and providers.

The Team

The Raxia team specializes in developing secure, HIPAA-compliant, integrated scalable cloud technologies to automate mission-critical interactions and cultivate positive patient and consumer experiences.

Andy Kuan


Andy develops the machine learning tools that power Raxia’s Decision Engine.

Beth Meisenhelder

Director of UI/UX

Beth is responsible for the creative development and execution of product UI/UX.

Matt Jones


Matt leads Raxia’s AI product development, compliance, and infrastructure.

Scott Wilson


Scott drives product and go-to-market strategy as well as strategic partnerships.

See Raxia in Action

Transform your patient journey and realize your goals.