Raxia saves healthcare providers and patients from the growing challenges associated with higher out-of-pocket patient expenses.

For Patients

With Raxia, patients can anticipate, manage, and pay healthcare bills with ease. Comprehensive digital bills clearly specify why patients owe what they owe which reduces uncertainty. Our omni-channel payment platform and finance options make paying bills effortless and convenient. Finally, patients can configure a preferred communications channel and we’ll notify them about new bills and bills remaining to be paid.

For Providers

Raxia automates the patient billing and collections process to reduce the cost to collect and modernize patient financial engagement. Our provider analytics show you what drives your patients to pay on-time. Digital bills, patient payment notifications, workflow optimization, and omni-channel payment capabilities yield many benefits:

  • Decreased DPO (days payable outstanding)

  • Increased collection rates

  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction

  • Greater financial stability

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