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Transform patient financial engagement with the Raxia platform

The Raxia Artificial Intelligence platform automates all aspects of patient financial engagement, freeing your staff to focus on more complex work while improving patient AR.

Raxia Orchestrate

Raxia Orchestrate consolidates the disjointed systems and administration used to manage patient AR down to a single centralized and automated workflow.

Orchestrate intelligently interoperates with all your EHR/PM systems and uses machine learning to analyze patient account status, organize data, post payments, update records, and execute automated workflows.


Uniform patient AR workflows across billing systems


Autonomously update records and post payments


Works 24x7 to handle any workload

Raxia Engage

Raxia Engage is a powerful AI engine that analyzes millions of patient engagement data points and leverages behavioral analytics to predictively select a series of messages and interactions that activate patient payments.

Engage uses omnichannel communications to automatically deliver personalized messages that capture attention and inspire action. 


Text, email, voice, direct mail


Individualized communications drive engagement


Propensity predictions guide unique messages

Raxia Pay

88% of patients demand more straightforward healthcare bills. Confusing medical bills that lack transparency and don’t connect services, dates, payment history, and costs make it difficult for patients to pay their bills.

Raxia Pay’s interactive digital bills provide a better flow of information to help patients understand their financial responsibility and prioritize paying their medical bills. As a result, your team will receive fewer calls and inquiries from patients about their bills.


Consumer payment experience


Pay on any device anytime, anywhere


Works with any EHR/PM system

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