More payments, less effort

Raxia AI transforms patient AR process into an efficient, connected, and intelligent consumer payment experience

Raxia consolidates your disconnected patient billing workflows into one fully automated patient financial engagement solution.

Without Raxia

With Raxia

Accelerate your digital transformation and see ROI in weeks.

Accelerated Transformation

Start automating your patient billing tasks and deliver a compelling digital journey for patients in weeks, not months or years.

Major Cost Savings

Raxia AI drives rapid improvement to patient collection rates while decreasing costs and saving time.

Greater Resilience

Raxia AI can ramp up and work 24x7 to respond to your patient billing, outreach, payment processing, and posting needs.

Improved Compliance

Raxia meets the standards of HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, and TCPA right out of the gate.

Boosted Productivity

Make your team more productive by reducing repetitive data processing tasks and patient outreach calls.

More Value from Personnel

Free your people to focus on more strategic work, decreasing burnout, and improving the employee experience.

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