The Loathsome Journey of Paper Medical Bills and Collection Calls: A Game No One Wins

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In Life, the classic board game, you go through all kinds of typical, well, life experiences in order to win the game. There are always setbacks along the way but the fewer wrong turns you took, the quicker you finished the game, and the more likely you were to win.

Of course, chance and the roll of the dice have a major impact on a board game. When it comes to collecting healthcare bills, the setbacks are more predictable and, as a result, finishing the game (in this case a paid bill) seems more like a slog than a victory.


The Typical Patient Collections Journey: 90-120 Days


According to MedData, 80% of consumers prefer online payment channels over paper billing methods. Yet, 90% of healthcare providers still use ineffective paper bills and collection calls.

In addition, the online payment experience found on many provider websites does not instill confidence and fails short of the type of consumer experience most people are accustom to.



Patient Collections Journey with Raxia: 5 Minutes


Raxia’s patient financial engagement platform simplifies the patient journey. With personalized billing reminders, a wealth of information to understand charges, a beautiful interface, and payment options- including payment plans- consumers can pay their bills with ease and confidence.

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